Who We Are

FBC-Palos Entryway

First Baptist Church of Palos Hills is not a building, but people. Here you will find friendly people who love God and love each other. If you are looking for a Church that Preaches the Whole Truth of God's Word without "compromise", then you will like First Baptist.

Our Purpose here at First Baptist is to help you and your family to become all that God wants you to be. We preach so as to meet the need of the entire family. As you are aware, marriages and homes are falling apart all around us. The Bible teaches that Marriage is ordained by God and is the oldest institution known to man. God can truly be honored through a strong Christian Marriage, and a secure godly family.

First Baptist is a people-oriented church. Here you can find people who care about people. Nearly all our time is spent helping folks to know and love God and to follow Bible principles in solving their problems. As we have already noted, today's world is a serious threat to families, so we have to counter-attack and fortify our families for today's problems.

Sincere friendliness, warm soul stirring music, and an informal dignity make visitors feel at home.

The pulpit ministry is planned to be down-to-earth and based on the Bible. Each services designed to meet specific need in your Christian life. If there is ever an opportunity for us to help you with your spiritual life or direction, we hope you would not hesitate to call us. It is our joy to minister to you.

Come visit us soon!


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