Our Pastor

Randy Clark was born in 1961 in Melrose Park, IL. His parents were faithful to church, and he was taught Biblical principles early in life. At the age of eleven, he trusted Christ as his Savior with the help of an old saint, Mr. Hartley, who plainly explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ to him using I John 3:12. At the age of sixteen while travelling with Evangelist Dr. Paul Cates, God placed the desire to preach the Word in Randy's heart. He then committed his future to God to do whatever He wanted him to do. After graduating from Marquette Manor Baptist Academy, Randy attended Bob Jones University where he completed hi B.A. in Bible and many years later his Master of Ministries. At college he met his wife, Melanae, while both were members of the same choir. They were married in August 1983 and have four children: Jennifer Clark, Sarah Clark Smith (Joshua), Kristen Clark Baisley (Ryan) and Tyler Clark. They also have their first adorable grandbaby, Hunter Smith.

In 1998 the Lord moved the Clarks to Jacksonville, Florida to teach at Victory Christian Academy until 1990. After a short time as an assitant pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church in Joliet, IL., they moved to Calvary Baptist Church of Huntsville, Alabama, where Randy was an assistant pastor with responsibilities ofchurch music and Christian school administration for almost 5 years. In July of 1996 Pastor Clark accepted the call of the congregation of First Baptist Church of Goodells, MI where he served as senior pastor for almost 20 years. Pastor Clark is very happy to be back "home" in Illinois and is looking forward to serving the Lord with the believers of First Baptist Church of Palos Hills.

A verse of Scripture that God uses regularly to direct Pastor Clark's focus in his ministry is Paul's instruction to Titus in Titus 1:9...

"Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers."


Former Pastors:
Rev. James Zaspel - 1958-1960
Rev. Ralph Turk - 1960-1962
Rev. Waldo Grandstaff - 1962-1964
Rev. George Thomson - 1965-1972
Dr. Wesley Potter - 1973
Pastor Robert Meyer - 1978-1988
Pastor Roger Disque - 1973-2015


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