Trailblazing Ministry

Trailblazing is a part of our church outreach minsitry. It started on March 19, 2006 every other Sunday of the week at 3:00 pm. It is one way to reach out people and point to them to Jesus. Teens, with the supervision of Bro. Dave Horner, our Youth Director, as well as adult men and women go door to door giving out tracks, telling them about Jesus and actually inviting them to our church. We go different routes that Pastor Roger Disque prepared. Some people will ignore you and some listen, most of the time there is no answer so we just leave tracks on their door.

Blazing is encouraging: There was a middle aged man along 75th Ave. whom we have given a track and he briefly read it, but afterwards he gave it back to me and told me that I give it to somebody else. He claimed he is a Christian and belonged to Christian Reformed Church. Anyway, he made this comment: "I really like what you are doing because few Christians nowadays are doing what you are suppose to do". I just thank him for the complement that is encouraging.

Most of the times we don't know how people will react when we knock on their doors. We know that there are still lots of people who are in need of God's word. Just don't quit, God can do miracles. We just do our part and God will do the rest.









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